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Abercrombie and Sanchez Law offers reputable and experienced legal help in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. If you are going through the big D in Dallas, you need a trusted, steadfast ally on your side. Abercrombie and Sanchez Law is that ally.

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Choosing the Right Divorce Attorney

When it comes to family law, sometimes it is difficult to decide what is worth fighting for in a divorce, which parent should be awarded custody, or how to navigate this new life upon the horizon. Finding a divorce attorney is less about finding a bulldog and more about finding YOUR advocate. Regardless of how you and your spouse came to this decision, now is the time to start protecting your future. Hopefully, amicable terms can be set, but this is not always the case. 

Finding a divorce attorney in Dallas/Fort Worth that will be your advocate, your steadfast ally, means that we will fight for your new life and the new life of your family. Most people are not fully aware of their legal rights, we make sure separation and custody pre-divorce is fair to both parties, not just the party that filed. While it may be difficult now, we guide you through envisioning and creating what your life after divorce will look like. 

The Dallas/Fort Worth attorneys at Abercrombie and Sanchez Law will guide you through even the most complex divorce, utilizing their unique experiences and legal expertise for the best outcome.

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