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Abercrombie & Sanchez Law is an experienced legal firm proudly serving the Fort Worth, TX area. Our practice areas include family law, civil litigation, business law, criminal law, and more. Contact us today!


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 Divorce Attorneys Abercrombie & Sanchez Law Fort Worth, TX Office 

Divorce Lawyers Abercrombie & Sanchez Law Fort Worth, TX Office

Fort Worth is one of the largest cities in Texas. Due to its proximity to Dallas and its gorgeous Art-Deco
architecture, Fort Worth is a sought-after place to live; its population has more than doubled in the past
thirty years. As one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation, Fort Worth is continuously welcoming
new neighbors. If you live and work in Fort Worth, you likely agree that this is a wonderful city to raise a

Abercrombie and Sanchez Law is a legal firm serving the greater Fort Worth area. We specialize in
multiple areas of law, including divorce, child custody, estate planning, and more. We also practice in
the areas of business law, civil litigation, mediation, and others. Our lawyers are committed to our
clients; we will listen carefully to your circumstances, answer any questions you might have, and offer
thorough advice on your next steps. We understand that seeking legal counsel can be a stressful
process. The key to success is to choose the right law firm. If you need an experienced, well-rounded
attorney in Fort Worth and the surrounding metroplex area, we can help you.

Fort Worth’s Trusted Attorney

If you need a family law attorney in Fort Worth and the surrounding metroplex area, reach out to Abercrombie and Sanchez Law today. Our conveniently located Fort Worth office is here for you and our experienced attorneys can put your mind at ease. Whether you are involved in a child custody battle or would like to plan your estate, we will give you the care, compassion, and capability you need to set your mind at ease. We encourage you to act quickly if you are dealing with a legal matter; swift action can help your case enormously.

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Bryan Abercrombie & Samuel Sanchez are pleased to represent clients that reside in various Dallas-Fort Worth, TX suburbs.

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