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Assault Family Violence

In the state of Texas, assault family violence is defined under Texas Family Code § 71.004 as a serious threat or act of violence that occurs between members of a family or household. Allegations can be made based upon any physical contact, even if that contact did not result in injury. If you have been accused of assault family violence, assault, stalking, or harassment, it is important to take immediate action to ensure your rights and freedoms are protected, as well as the rights and freedoms of your family. Retaining legal counsel and advocacy is paramount. The damage such accusations make can be far reaching and the penalties for these types of crimes can be very severe. Family violence cases are not eligible for an expunction, regardless if the matter is resolved via a plea to deferred adjudication. This type of conviction will stay on your criminal record for life. You cannot simply hope for the best. Proactive preparation for the worst and retain counsel to assist you in preventing this potentially disastrous result.

Assault Family Violence Laws in Texas

Texas affords the right to pursue a protective order for the victims of family violence, in order to ensure the safety of both themselves and their families. Odds are that you probably know someone who’s been accused of family violence. It isn’t a rare accusation anymore. According to the Texas Attorney General’s Office, in 2015 there were almost 195,000 incidents of family violence reported. Such incidents can sometimes be based on exaggerated or false testimony in order to cast doubt on one party during divorce or custody litigation. 

If you or a loved one has been accused with family violence, assault, harassment, stalking, or a similar crime, please contact Abercrombie & Sanchez Law, PLLC. We have the litigation and practice experience necessary to help you navigate such treacherous waters. Our experience affords us the ability to defend our clients and help them avoid, if at all possible, the negative implications associated with such accusations. We stand ready to help you and put you in touch with a dedicated and experienced lawyer who can best advise you about your situation.

Domestic Violence Charges and Consequences

The consequences of domestic violence accusations can be extremely serious and often carry far reaching consequences. Convictions in such cases can carry fines or even years of prison time based upon the charges and conviction. What is more, any conviction of domestic violence can have negative effects on divorce and child custody proceedings. Being proactive and seeking out legal counsel can be your best hope to avoid the worst possible outcome. 

At Abercrombie & Sanchez Law, PLLC, we have experienced attorneys who have defended both men and women when facing domestic assault charges. We will work to reach or negotiate a resolution that avoids a conviction. If no such agreement or resolution is available, we then prepare our trial team of lawyers to tell your side and, if at all possible, help you avoid all the negative repercussions and effects of a conviction for family violence.

Child Abuse

Allegations of child abuse or of injury to a child can result in serious criminal charges in Texas. If you have been accused of child abuse or causing injury to a child, you need an experienced attorney who will fight protect your rights. The state will assemble a team consisting of police and investigators for Child Protective Services who will work together to investigate and put together a case against you. This means that even during the earliest stages, you need the benefit of experienced legal counsel that will help protect you and your rights. 

At Abercrombie & Sanchez Law, PLLC, we understand how these charges can dramatically impact your life. We have board certified attorneys and over 21 years of combined experience dealing with these types of cases. Our firm’s strong foundation in family law, along with years of experience working on CPS matters with assault and family violence components means we are more than prepared to help you and your family in such instances. Our team is familiar with the complex laws in this area, and the myriad of potential defenses available to you. 

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