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At Abercrombie and Sanchez Law, we realize searching for a divorce attorney may not be something you ever wanted to have on your to-do list. And yet here you are, at the beginning or in the midst of what can prove to be one of the most difficult life changes you may ever face. When your closest allies have turned against you, know you have a steadfast ally in us to help you through the divorce process.

With all the emotions that accompany divorce – anger, betrayal, brokenness, or defeat – it is important to not let emotion cloud your judgement. Divorce is the business transaction that ensues after a husband and wife break up. Whether you fight to the death or surrender immediately, your choices now will affect your life after divorce, for better or for worse.

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Finding someone who has the experience and expertise to provide guidance, advice and support during one of the most critical moments in your life is beyond important - it is vital.  Abercrombie and Sanchez Law has over two decades combined experience in family law litigation, negotiation and case management.  We have dedicated our practices in multiple jurisdictions, counties and states to negotiating and addressing complex divorce matters, all the while keeping a clear central focus on what matters most to our clients.  We want to help you find a way to protect what you worked for your whole life and to preserve what matters most to you and your family.

We have the big firm experience you need without all the ”unnecessaries” that come from hiring a big firm.  What we provide you is the service and attention that the most important things in your life deserve.  Our focus is you, your life, your family, and finding the best way to have life continue post-divorce.

Find an Ally in Abercrombie & Sanchez

Get the legal help you need from experienced and dedicated divorce attorneys at Abercrombie & Sanchez Law. Call our firm at 1-888-981-7509 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. Abercrombie & Sanchez Law provides divorce legal counsel, division of asset guidance, mediation services, family law litigation and other law services.  If a child happens to be involved during the divorce process, our family law attorneys will help you through the child custody process.  Our law offices are proud to assist families throughout Fort Worth and The Woodlands, TX. We serve clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth and The Woodlands-Houston areas as well as other areas by request.   

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